Analysis: Diversity in the Arab Middle East

One of the most serious problems that remains in the Middle East among the Muslim countries is the routine abuse, harassment and even brutalization of women, reported Frida Ghitis of the Miami Herald.

With the war and uprisings in the Middle East, the treatment of women and their role among men is seen predominantly for what it really is. Women are usually silenced and hidden behind their clothing, but lately some women have found the courage to step out and defend themselves. The Saudi Women's Revolution is demanding equality and a society driven by male's who view women as property.

Several examples of women in the Arab news are mentioned within the commentary and allow the reader to view the incidents as stepping stones to a change that may take quite some time. No numerical data is available, but rather accounts of rape victims or deaths made in the light of a suicide by the Arab government.

The 21-year-old student, Leah Rogotzke, is a member of the Advocates for Human Rights Group and a Global Studies major. She has specialized some of her studies to the treatment of women in Arab countries and the cuts that Muslim governments have made to programs that offer support. She is disturbed by the events occurring in the news, but appreciates the efforts to publicize what is happening to the suffering race of women.

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