December 8, 2006

Prompt # 8 - Lecture 24

Gershenfeld tried to inform us that how he thinks personal fabrication will be the next revolutionary thing on the market. Supermarket will be unnecessary because everyone will have they own personal fabricator, which can make anything anyone can imagine. From food to clothing everyone will have what they need. And as the PC became an everyday use items, so will the personal fabrication. Then he start talking about how his class “How To Make (almost) Anything,? not only IT students joined the class but also architecture and art major students were taking it. This brought new area of expertise into class. Even if they don’t know how do programming they bring art and beauty into the designing which the IT students what to do less. All of the students have one common goal, to make Something out of Nothing.

December 4, 2006

Prompt # 7 - Technopolis

“A new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything.? (Neil Postman)

Technology is everywhere and is everything,
Technopolies is the interaction of human and technology,
So don’t worry about an example; it is in front of you.

November 8, 2006

Prompt # 6 - Series of images

Designing a religious building can be very difficult because of all the idea that the building should reflect the gods or goddesses. This series of images will show how religious building has changed throughout our history. Each of this building is very different from the one before in the way that how it was design and build.
The Parthenon is one of the greatest achievements by the Greeks' architectural design. Designed to worship the goddess Athena, the Parthenon is made of marbles with the entry in the back to lead the worshiper around the building for them to marvel the amazing design.

Built in Constantinople, Hagia Sophia is a unique Christian building that has a large brick dome and 4 minarets that was built when it was turned into a Mosque.

Notre Dame2.jpg
One of many gothic style churches, Notre Dame is the most famous church in Paris. Unlike most churches Notre Dame has an exoskeleton to support its structure, this make the interior more open.

Common Christian church throughout the world it has a basic rectangular body shape while the roofs usually contain at least one tall pointy steeple with a cross.

Many of the modern temples now are going away from the usual architectural design. For this Baha’s religious building, it definitely has gone away from the usual design with the temple shape of a lotus, this Baha temple is a one of a kind.

October 25, 2006

Prompt # 5 - Opposition and Resolution

One opposition that we are facing right now in Minnesota is the coming of winter. This opposition of man versus Mother Nature led human to response the problem with many solutions, such as ‘Eliminating the opposition’ and ‘Crossing the Opposing.’ Unlike most houses near the equator which doesn’t have a heater, Minnesotans fortify their houses with heaters and heavier insulations to battle against the cold. They eliminated the cold by creating heat in the house with heater to push back the winter cold. And we put insulation in between the wall to creating a crossing of two different properties to use as one. One is solid and steady but not that good in protecting against temperature difference (woods panels) while the other is soft and weak but can handle the temperature (insulation), and with the two become one it both become a wall while it can also block out the cold and keep the heat in the house.


October 9, 2006

Prompt # 4 - Things, Frameworks, Clockworks, and Phenomena

Prompt #4 – Things, Frameworks, Clockworks, and Phenomena
For this blog assignment, I worked from Phenomena first to Frameworks, Clockwork, and Things, which in turn, I pick the Twins baseball game when they play in the Metrodome.
- The Phenomena can be put summarize into one word, “fun.? People from all over Minnesota come to see their team played. While that is like a religious person travel for thousand of miles to see the birth place of their religion, but in the baseball case it is ten of thousand of people traveling with one reason, to watch baseball. Another phenomenon is the cheers of those ten of thousands of people came to create one of the nosiest stadiums in baseball which energize the home team to play harder.
- The Frameworks in this event is this capacity of the dome, which can hold about 46 thousand plus people in a baseball game. This relationship to other buildings in Minneapolis, make it one of the biggest building in Minneapolis to hold that many people. Another frameworks is the Twins baseball team payroll comparing to other teams in baseball like the Yankees (Twins’ payrolls about $63 million, Yankees’ payrolls about $198 million) which make the Twins one of the smallest baseball club in the league.
- The Clockworks is the baseball season always started at spring to the mid of fall (April – October). Other small clockworks is;
- 3 outs in an inning
- 9 players on the field
- The Twins, Vikings, and the Gophers’ sports, rotate the use of the stadiums.
- The Things in this event is the dome and baseball bats and balls
The dome roof is made out of fabric which in most stadiums is made out of solid materials.
The baseball bat is round, and is bigger at the end and smaller and the handle and is a little longer than an arm length. The baseball is white and round with red string treaded into the ball and is about a hand size ball.


Prompt # 3 - Genius Loci

As my choice of a Genius Loci from the article, I looked to the place where I think is the most basic which was my house. As the old saying say “Home Sweet Home,? I considered my house as my sanctuary. Don’t miss understand that I am not a social person but the house give something that other places couldn’t. Relief, Private, and Comfort are some of the reasons why I think my house is a Genius Loci. It is a place where I could run away from all the problems in the world and relaxes in the domed of silence. It is also a place where at least I know I have a place to sleep for the night without the worry of harms. And it is a place where even if it didn’t relief my physical pain it can relief my heavy heart (alternately “my Spiritual heart?).

September 26, 2006

Prompt # 2 - Social Design

We have all heard about New Orleans and other near by states were devastated by Katrina. Floods and the sheer winds destroy whatever standing in their way. Thousand of people loss their home and have no place to sleep. For the recovery effort, FAMA’s trailer house is one option, but it isn’t enough for one to say it is their home. So Architecture for Humanity (AFH) and other local partners lends a hand with a new program called “Biloxi Model Home Program.? This program will help assist families in Biloxi, Mississippi to rebuild their house. The family will be paired with a team of professional designers (architects, engineers and designers) to work one-on-one with the rebuilding of their house. And because it has been a year since Katrina hit and the regions isn’t still properly fix, the program is necessary to bring home and relief to the south.

September 17, 2006

Prompt # 1 - Midtown Market

As we all know energy is everywhere, energy is neither creatable nor destroyable; it is a reaction from one thing to the other. For example, speaking create sound that is also consider as a form of energy because it is just a wave of air moving into your ear and vibrating the eardrum to create what you hear as music or speech. Moving your arm to move something is also energy. But that energy doesn’t just create from nothing, we capture more energy by consuming more energy such as meat and vegetable in order to reuse it or at least manipulate it in our favor. And that energy from the live stocks is mainly from plants, which capture its energy from the sun through photosynthesis. Then what about the sun? The sun pretty much supports all life on earth with its almost infinite thermonuclear fusion in its core. The fusion comes from the reaction of hydrogen and some other elements to make the necessary reaction to create the sun. As for Midtown Market, some might say it’s a different type of energy that are given off in the market, because of all the different things going on in the market, one could say that those energy given off are people excitement gland making people more energetic which is like getting more energy. But then what is energy? We can’t see it, but we can feel it—sometimes at least. The word “energy? itself is just like the words “good? and “bad,? which are just prospective depending on the society makes it, but then what is Energy?