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November 8, 2006

Prompt # 6 - Series of images

Designing a religious building can be very difficult because of all the idea that the building should reflect the gods or goddesses. This series of images will show how religious building has changed throughout our history. Each of this building is very different from the one before in the way that how it was design and build.
The Parthenon is one of the greatest achievements by the Greeks' architectural design. Designed to worship the goddess Athena, the Parthenon is made of marbles with the entry in the back to lead the worshiper around the building for them to marvel the amazing design.

Built in Constantinople, Hagia Sophia is a unique Christian building that has a large brick dome and 4 minarets that was built when it was turned into a Mosque.

Notre Dame2.jpg
One of many gothic style churches, Notre Dame is the most famous church in Paris. Unlike most churches Notre Dame has an exoskeleton to support its structure, this make the interior more open.

Common Christian church throughout the world it has a basic rectangular body shape while the roofs usually contain at least one tall pointy steeple with a cross.

Many of the modern temples now are going away from the usual architectural design. For this Baha’s religious building, it definitely has gone away from the usual design with the temple shape of a lotus, this Baha temple is a one of a kind.