Assignment #2


Silly ideas, hard to define what silly is exactly.

Here's my list of silly ideas, based around winter health.

  • Tongue protector- a sleeve for your tongue so it won't burn when you drink hot cocoa.

  • Shoe warmer- a shoe with a removable slot that is put in the oven when you bake cookies (optimized for a 375 degree oven or so) that you then put in the shoe to keep your toes warm.

  • Heated tires-tires with wires built in which melt the snow and ice as you drive, preventing car crashes.

  • Exercise baking- an oven controlled by your movement, will only bake if you run on a treadmill.

  • Exercise travel- related to the above, a plane which requires passengers to exercise while in flight.

  • Padded sidewalks- sidewalks which become pliable and soft in colder weather, making falls less painful.

  • Insulating cloth-cloth which expands in thickness in cold temperatures.

  • Floppy skis-break into connected segments when they sense rapid rotation, less likely to twist a knee.

  • Robosnowmobile-snowmobile with robot legs that extend when tipping too far back.

  • Safety fort-inflatable tent like structure you put inside of a snowfort to prevent collapses.

  • Happiness log-log that burns with incense and other smells to clear nasal passages and overall lift moods.

Here are a few more pics! Not sure if all are showing up, they're all uploaded but when I view my page they aren't there
:( so yeah, hopefully you see a bunch of pics!

So I'm dumb and used a really broad topic, so here are the topics I'd like to pursue:

  • Stress reduction

  • Sledding

  • Frostbite

Here are my pics based off of my too general idea, winter health.


Here's my mind map.


And here just a sampling of my sketches! This was the boot that had a slice that you put in the oven to heat up.


This was a sleeve for your tongue to protect it from hot drinks.












Hi Josh,
Your blog is set up well. The format of writing and then posting pictures worked on this assignment because of the size of the pictures (since they're sketches, it's nice to see them larger). Also, it seems you have explored a diverse variety of silly ideas which I think is beneficial to gaining a better end product or idea. If you wanted to make your sketches stand out a bit more, you could add color to your sketches. (this is just an idea to give you feedback, not that I employed this in mine). Also, I'm curious about the happiness log. I love the idea of a log that makes you happy, but am wondering the novelty behind it. Is it more than just a log? If so, were can I find this log ?? :)
Take care!

Hi Josh,

I think the purpose of the assignment was more to delve into the general idea of winter with your mind map without first thinking of a specific topic within it. Winter health could have definitely been a section of your greater mind map, but it’s best to start general and let ideas flow organically before narrowing in on a topic. Your mind map could be improved with color and illustrations instead of plain text. I was confused with the organization of text on this entry. It would have been more successful to put the description of each product sketch idea under the image it was describing. When I scroll down, it says “Here is my mind map” and then the next image is of a shoe, and other similar cases. Preview your blog next time and view it as if you are a random person to see what could be confusing or unclear. Some of your images were cropped well, and others had issues. Scanning rather than taking a photo would provide crisper images and would make cropping and editing much easier. I appreciate the artistic effort you but into your drawings, though!

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