Assignment #5


Is still creative is it's prompted by a structured course of action? I don't know, but today we're saying yes. Robot creativity, okay not really, but it's definitely not blue sky ideation. Here's how my process went.

Haven't had time to go through the whole process of uploading the sketches, but here they are on Flickr.

Luckily we did all this on my topic in class, so I got some ideas from people who spoke up in class. Thanks guys!

Archetypal product: Ice scraper!

Blade made of condensed salt

With a flashlight


Make blade similar to paint scraper, give flexibility

Paint scraper.jpg

Longer reach/telescoping handle


Put to other use:
Scraping dirt from shoe sole

boot scraper.jpg

No handle, brass knuckle scraper

Brass knuckle.jpg

Pull instead of push scraper



The issues that I determined we were dealing with was force and ease of operation, because we need to use a lot of force, but doing so reduces the ease of operation.

This suggested that I use these concepts:
13. The other way around
-Invert the actions
-Turn the object (or process) "upside down"

28. Mechanics substitution
-Replace a mechanical means with a sensory (optical, acoustic, taste, or smell) means
-Use electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields to interact with the object
-Change from static to movable fields, from unstructured fields to those having
-Use fields in conjunction with field-activated (e.g. ferromagnetic) particles

35. Parameter changes
-Change the object's physical state (e.g. to a gas, liquid, or solid)
-Change the concentration or consistency
-Change the degree of flexibility
-Change the temperature

From doing TRIZ, I came up with the following three ideas:

Have car surface heated

Heated car.jpg

Ability to lock yourself into the ground for increased leverage

lock feet.jpg

The good ones!

So I don't want to upload all the photos again, but here's the list with pics of ones I haven't uploaded yet:

Compressed salt
Paint scraper imitation
Telescoping handle
"Brass knuckle" scraper

Built in heater




Heated handle

Heated handle.jpg

Heated net

Heated net.jpg

Hilt to guard hand




I found your blog entry fairly thorough. The sketches were very clear and demonstrated your ideas well. Kudos for using the TRIZ method as well, I found it a bit confusing and hard to use. Your topic is also one I am really interested in. being from the pacific north west, I have not had to deal with cold and snow in the capacity I do now. Although there was plenty of visual, I would have liked to see a little more text concerning how you got to your ideas, and perhaps a wrap up at the end. Your sketches may have benefited from the use of little colour, but I am guilty of the same thing. Overall I really found your ideas appealing and I feel you have many valid product options.


Your blog is well laid out and meets all the requirements. I would have liked to see the pictures at the bottom though. You don't have to reload them, just copy and paste them within your edit entry section. It works just as well. It would have been nice to have a small conclusion at the end of what you thought of the whole process. Now that you have uploaded all the images you should get rid of the link to flickr and the note about it.


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