Assignment #6


And so the research continues.


For my preliminary research I did surveys on Facebook with the same basic format. The questions were (approximately) as follows:

Would you purchase a _________ ice scraper?

How much would you pay for a _________ ice scraper?

How much do you want this product? 1-4

Any other comments, feature suggestions, or general thoughts on this product?

On each product I got 10-40 responses, enough to tell which were good and which were bad (there were several that there was a nearly unanimous "NO" response to whether they would buy it.

Thus I narrowed my ideas down to these five:

  • Ice Scraper with Sprayer
  • Ice Scraper with Hand Guards
  • Ice Scraper with Heated Handle
  • Ice Scraper with a Flashlight
  • Innovative Ice Scraper Blade



Hand protection.jpg



Spray 2x2.jpg

Several of these were really difficult to find similar products, so I did the best I could.

For pretty much all of them, the price range was about $5-$20 so that will be good to keep in mind. I also learned from Amazon reviews that above everything else, functionality is most important. This is something I already knew but this only cemented that knowledge.


Flashlight: a scraper with a light attached.
Ice scraper with lamp
CN 201998958 U

Hand Protection: a scraper combined with a mitten.
Combination ice scraper and mitt
US 4683592 A

Heated Handle: a scraper with a heatable material in the handle.
Thermal ice scraper
WO 2007001250 A1

Innovative: an ice scraper with a thin, flexible, metal blade.
Ice scraper
CA 2464211 A1

Spray: ice scraper with sprayer on end.
Windshield ice scraper with de-icing solution dispenser
US 7832955 B1


For the flashlight, the biggest issue will be having a bright flashlight that isn't blocked by the user's arm during use.

For the heated handle, a power source that isn't heavy or cumbersome could be an issue.

For hand protection, it will be difficult to create a guard that protects against snow while allowing movement, as well as not capturing snow accidentally.

For the paint scraper imitation idea, making this product cheap while retaining flexibility could be difficult.

For the sprayer, holding enough spray to be effective could be difficult.


I really enjoyed your blog. I went back and looked at your old post to see what all 10 of your ideas were, and you had some pretty cool ones. I'm curious how much variability there was in what people were willing to pay for these products. Did they think that all of the scrapers were worth about the same? I ask because some of these seem like they'd be a bit more expensive to produce. I think your 2x2s are useful even though you weren't able to find many directly similar products. The fact that some people have already done something in each of these areas tells you that there must be at least some interested consumers buying them. The scraper with hand guard and the heated handle scraper 2x2s are especially interesting since they demonstrate an opportunity for good hand protection/long reach and good portability at any price point. I look forward to seeing your pitch and which idea you decide to go with!

I really like what you did for this assignment. It really clear of how you conduct your interviews and good to see the result came out of it. It would be great to see how many votes each products had, for people to visualize its sucessful. Also, trying to draw 2x2 on the computer or using a ruler would make your blog more organize.

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