Assignment #7

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And so we draw near to the end. As we've come to the end of this project, I've had some revelations about my topic (removing ice and snow from your car). These include the following:

  • Most users do not want something too complicated.

  • There are many gimmick-y products out there when it comes to ice scrapers. Need to make sure my ice scraper doesn't come off as a gimmick.

  • Above all, it needs to remove ice as well or better than the current model.

  • Removing snow/ice is a two stage process: remove snow, then scrape ice.

With that in mind, I created this Pugh chart.

Pugh chart.jpg

And from there I decided I could combine several of my ideas into a scraper with an innovative scraper blade, as well as adding a shovel feature to move the snow.

In a market with really bad scrapers, I wanted a name that would be simple and sound effective. Although one of my key features was an innovative scraper, I didn't want to come across as "innovative," when so many bad scrapers try to aim for this marketing point.

Thus, I am introducing the Modern Scraper.


The name implies that it's up to date, using newer technologies and overall made for the problems of modern cars, not the cars of the 50's.

This ice scraper uses an innovative blade which contains a hardened plastic tip, reinforced by a plastic core, while the rest of the blade is a dense rubber. This give the blade a small amount of flex to make your force for efficient in removing the ice, while maintaining a hard tip.

There is also a large "pusher" which allows the user to push and pull snow off the car to reveal the ice underneath. On top of this pusher is a brush which is essential for removing residual snow and ice.

At the end of the scraper is another small handle to make pushing directly along the axis of the scraper easier.

The scraper itself is three feet long, extending the user's reach considerably.

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I couldn't find the video I was supposed to critique... however, your blog is very nicely done! Awesome product sketch for the ice scraper. Your Pugh chart is also done well and is easy to read, as is the rest of your blog. Your presentation was good yesterday!

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