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October 20, 2005


Hi Lincoln students! My name's Lee Thor (female, Hmong) and I'm a freshmen at the U of M. I was born and raised in St.Paul. I went to Benjamin E. Mays for elemantry, and Murray Jr. High for middle school. I then graduated from Como Park High School which is near by Como Zoo but closer to Como Lake in June 2005.

What I like to do in my spare time is go on the net, listen to music and play games on yahoo . I usually listen to r&b, a little of pop, rap, and country.. I play quite a few games like checker, chess, dynomite to make time fly by faster, but you should only play when you have free time. Now, I don't have as much leisure time to go on the net to play games. I'm usually doing my homework in my room, and if I'm on the computer, I'm typing an essay.

So, what do you guys like to do in your spare time? Do you guys stay after school for school activities or for help on homework? What do you do when you get home from school? Do you like your neighborhood? Do you enjoy school right now or do you wish that you were done with school?

Until then I'll note you guys another time. If you guys have any questions about college or about me, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer them! bye!

-Lee Thor

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week 7, feedback draft 1, essay #2

Feedback from my revision group wasn't as terrible as i thought. I felt I did a pretty bad job because my intro sucked and there was more info about my junior high. I felt that I wasn't emphasizing on the importance of the school location and the neighborhood that a student grows up enough to get my point across. In a way I thought that people would say that I was saying my junior was better than Lincoln. I wasn't trying to get that point across.. noo.. nah uh..

I got a compliment about how I zeroed into Willard-Hay. Yeah, I didn't want to write about North Minneapolis as a whole because I felt that was too board even though there's more statistics that could help me write my paper. I believe everyone said that I had some good facts to back up my point.

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October 14, 2005

Ohio State

When we watched the movie about poverty in Ohio, I was really shocked at how the school looked like. There were holes in the ceilings, and if it rained water would drip. My high school had that problem but it was taken care of right away. And some of the some school didn't have a cafeteria. In my head, I was like "what if the students didn't have money? how are they going to eat?"

I'm glad that I live in MN because the schools wouldn't do the property tax or something like that. I think it's really unfair.

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October 13, 2005

Comparing Murray Jr. High and Lincoln Community School Basic Skills Test (BST) in 2005. More than half of Murray students passed the reading and math test. In reading, 383 Murray students were tested and 294 students passed. Compared to Lincoln, where 73 students were tested, only 30 students passed, a little below half. 224 Murray students passed out of the 380 students tested for math. The math scores for Lincoln dropped tremendously. Only 20 out of the 73 tested passed.

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October 7, 2005

2nd entry for week 5

I've done citations in my high school. My senior year, we had to do a research paper and cite at least 3 or 4 works in MLA style. I thought it was alrite, because I only had to cite for a book, website, and magazine. I'm glad that my high school got me to be familiar with citing.

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school girls & superman and me

In both readings, their family is very important to them. LaRhonda puts her family before her education. An education that if she graduates could possibly give her a bettter job and help her family with payments. For Alexie, his father was the one that made him want to learn more. Because his father was not like other Indians who wanted to be thought "stupid," he bought books that filled their household.

LaRhonda refuses to be book smart even though people look up to her.She thinks that if you're smart, you're white. And that causes her to not want to learn or care. If you were Indian, you were considered stupid. Alexie didn't want to follow that path like so many other Indian students at his school. He spoke, answer, and asked the white man questions that others refused to do. Race plays an important role because when you want to fit in, you do what they do, like LaRhonda who spoke slang, skipped school, and go into trouble. And when you stray away from the pact like Alexie, others criticize you.

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