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November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving break

Hi Marvin! I’m doing fine. How about you? Wow, so did you enjoy your Thanksgiving break? I enjoyed my break, like I said Thanksgiving was the first break for the U of M students. My family didn’t have our Thanksgiving until Saturday because my brother-in-law didn't come up from Iowa till Friday night. We didn’t eat on time which was supposed to be at 5. It was pretty crazy. What about you? How was your Thanksgiving? Was your whole family over? Were you excited to see them?

What else did you do? I went to the Hmong New Year at the River Center. I wore Hmong clothes with my boyfriend and we ball tossed with each other and watched the performances. yeah.. Over all, I was glad that we had this break. yep. Well, hope to hear from you soon. Take care! oh, yeah my favorite subject would probably have to be history. I like learning about why and or how this became that and so forth.


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November 15, 2005

Hi Marvin! How are you doing? How do you like gym class so far? Did you enjoy art last quarter? What was your best drawing? What about math? Do you understand fractions and decimals? Which subject is your favorite subject?

Who's your favorite basketball player? Which two teams do you think will be in the finals? I'm not really sure which team will be in the finals, but I'm always hoping the Timberwolves would be in it, just because we live in Minnesota.

Are you exciting for Thanksgiving break?! I am! this will be the first break for U of M students! I can see my whole family and catch up while eating GOOD food. What kind of foods do you like eating during Thanksgiving?

Alrite, I'll note you later! take care!


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November 8, 2005


I don't have a favorite teacher because I was never close to any of them. My teacher for world history would yell or scream randomly because the class wasn't responding to his questions. At times, i thought that was pretty funny but at times, I got shocked also. Another teacher was my AP European teacher. Her class wasn't all that bad. We had art day, and that was pretty cool. she taught us the history behind the art of why the artist did this and that in the art work. My AP biology teacher was very detailed, but she was a little CRAZY! We took a TON of notes! and i still have the notebook just in case i may need it in college. All of my other teachers were okay, I guess.. i don't give much thought about the teachers life.

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November 1, 2005

2 interesting things about college

One of the interesting thing about college is that you decide when you want your class, such as what time, and what weekdays. I have a 2 hour break before my next class begins. During those two hours, I do some assignments that I didn't finish, and catch up with my friends.

Another interesting thing about college is that you have more responsibilities. You have more choices to decide and they affect the outcome of your decision. It's really up to you how you want your life to be.

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