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Throughout the holiday season, the Dairy Store has special ice cream flavors and cheese gift boxes; the Meat Lab has gift packs for a variety of price ranges; memberships at the Bell Museum and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum also are on sale and make great gifts. For decorating help, the Forestry Club's annual Christmas tree sale begins the day after Thanksgiving.

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Welcome to Thrifty Celebrations!

A site for University faculty, staff, and students to share cost-saving ideas for holiday traditions, cultural celebrations, family celebrations and more. If you’ve ever received or gave an inexpensive gift that you found particularly memorable, we want to hear about it. If you have an inexpensive holiday tradition, or cultural or family celebration you think others would enjoy, please share it with us. If you know of thrifty spots to get inexpensive gifts, send them our way. You can even upload a photo of your gift, project, or activity.

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