July 17, 2007

nickel and dimed

i can say that this was my favorite essay that we've been assigned. i really liked hearing the perspective of trying to live in poverty. Growing up in an upper middle class setting i could never imagine such an experience. although she definitely limited her experience by allowing start up costs and back up funds and a car! growing up in an upper middle class setting,

this essay picks up on several key points of poverty and the unfair social systems with in the work force. one important point is how they must always be doing something to keep up the efficiency while the upper management can sit around and do nothing for as long as they wish. I've had a job where they were this uptight about working while i actually wondered what their job was. and as she says "she felt as if she was in junior high school with being lined up in the corridor threatened with locker searches and peppered with carelessly aimed accusations"

Another interesting part of this paper was that while she still had extra funds, and few payments, she coudln't even afford to live barely below the poverty level. having to get another low paying job to get by when she doesn't' even have kids to pay for or car payments or anything past the minimum.

so while she didn't quite do the real experience, i find it interesting that she actually put herself out there and attempted the experience to find how people in similar situations can actually get by, and i'm seeing that most don't.

July 10, 2007

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I believe that the point of this essay was to point out why Nirvana's 'Teen Spirit' was such a success. The author matt compton goes into details of the different aspects of the song. One of his main points was that it was teh first song like it and ''to many youth in the early nineties, and its exactly what they needed.'' He is trying to prove that this generation was essentially a mess and that the without understanding thier own emothions, the unarticulated way that Nirvana presented his song gave america a way to understand their own selves.
Also through the instrumental aspect of the song, the author believes that cobain was trying to hlep people feel the emotions of the song and not just hear it so that they could fully understand him.
Another point i found fascinating was that Amos's version of the song was not nearly as good. mostly becuase something like that just isn't expected to be heard in a ballad, and that teh emotion of the music is what helped make the song successful along wtih the lyrics. Most of all, nirvana gave the youth a song that portrayed them as they were and how they themselves couldn't understand.

June 28, 2007

Holy Homosexualitiy Batman! & Society's Need for a Queer Solution

After reading these two articles, i wonder why do we even care? Why is America so inclined to categorize and label everyone. We shouldn't be defining but accepting. but everywhere you look, the topic of homosexuality appears on the news, tv, movies, magazines, and even in politics. But after reading this article i can understand that the media does have an impact on how gays are viewed, and we must learn to understand the stereotypes and messages given to us.

Holy Homosexuality batman

I was surprised that the author portrayed so much of this movie as just being about homosexuality and capitalism. ''Since the riddler aligns 'bad capitalism' with 'bad sexuality' its hardly surprising to find that the film's proforma heternormative narrative manifests when wayne is performing his role of 'good capitalist' It is interesting to see how Johnson sees open sexuality like the riddler's as bad, and he represents the bad capitalism and how the good capitalism of batman saving the world, as good locked up homosexuality. None the less, i really didn't notice all that much homosexuality in the movie, and i think the media is reading into it more than needs to be.

Society's Need for a Queer Solution

''Even though the sitcom is very comical, the portrayal of the characters on Will and Grace definitely represents how television serves as a mirror reflecting reality b y showing the contents, values and beliefs of homosexuality in our society.'' But why do we need to interpret it that way, we do have our own ability to determine other groups of people on our own judgment, and i don't believe that everyone who see will and grace will think that all gays are as flamboyant and shallow as jack. TV is not the only thing that shapes our views on people. also, why would we want to watch tv about regular people? tv is almost always exaggerated, and its because we like to get involved in the lives of the un-ordinary, and i believe that tv should not monitor itself to give better representations, because they will never hit it just right and be a successful tv show all at once.

June 14, 2007

Intro to The World is a Text

The introduction to this text gives an insightful outline of the material we will be covering in the course. I have never been fond of analyzing literature, but i am realizing the importance in the symbolism of the many texts of our society.

I have never created an outline or structure for a paper prior to writing it, thus i believe taking a writing course such as this will be useful.