Experience with observing a librarian

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The librarian was very helpful to all the patrons, regardless of the problem they had. She was extremely efficient at her job and made sure all the patrons received enough information so that they could solve their problems. Her body language was positive all the time and she never made her patrons feel uncomfortable or unintelligent. She always made eye contact with the patron and was willing to physically take them to a location if she needed to. The librarian asked questions like what subject the person was inquiring about and what kind of texts he/she needed. I asked about the library reference process and I learned a lot about how they deal with various situations. For example, often, business is slow and most questions are simple ones like, where is the bathroom? and where is so and so... The librarian was a good listener because she made eye contact with the patron when spoken to and never interrupted the student when he or she was speaking. It was always usually the patron who ended the conversation. 

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