Yuko's Reflection on Dead Poets Society

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Once one of my students said to me, "Now I have a dream to be an actor, but I have had a hard time since I had this dream. I could just enjoy my life when I didn't have the dream." It is true. Once we have a dream, we realize that there is a big gap between ourselves and our dreams and it seems impossible to fill in the gap. He had commuted to a training school for actors in Tokyo every weekend. To save money for traveling expenses to go to Tokyo he was with working part-time. As a result, he was so exhausted and on top of that, his grades were becoming worse and worse. He was at a loss if what he was doing is right or not.
The boy, Neil in this movie reminded me of this student. Both of them were undergoing a crisis and experiencing discomfort to realize their dreams. How can we teachers help these students go through the crisis? As Amanda said, we have to be careful when we help them overcome the crisis. If they cannot find a way they should go, they cannot resolve their discomfort and it may lead to distrust, disappointment toward teachers, parents, their society or themselves.
Students are facing very complex and severe reality. When they are struggling the gap between their dreams and reality, teachers may have to teach them how to reach the compromise between the reality and their dream. This may sounds hopeless especially to teenagers. However, accepting reality is one of the ways to find the way to get out of the crisis. When my student said to me, "If I cannot become an actor, all my efforts will come to nothing, and I will be the same as the students who didn't make any effort", I said "I think you won't be the same. Whenever you are working hard to realize your dream, you will find a way which will better suit you, even if the way is not the one you originally wanted to choose." This may be the same what Nicole said "to guide students in a balanced way". Also, we have to know our limitations. We can give our students advice and help, but it is students who make a choice.


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GLAD to see our group have similar opinions about the movie. It's really a thought-provoking movie, which not only provides a model of a good teacher, but also provides lacks of such a teacher.
I love your emotional first paragraph. The story of the boy also reminds me of myself. My dream job is not to be a teacher, but a voice character. But because of so many realistic reasons, I gave up. Fortunately, my teachers, my friends, my parents and myself never allow me to be engaging in depression. They helped me to see how bright the future can be if I am a Chinese teacher. So I have gone through my crisis successfully. I hope I am able help my students in the future. The movie is truly an alert for me to know what I should do and how to do.

Yes, the reality is very severe. Many of my students say that they want to be a musician, a cartoonist, a writer, etc. When I have a conference with these students I feel sorry for them because I notice myself trying to make them give up their dreams. But actually it is hard to earn the cost of living if they pursue those kinds of professions. It is our responsibility to show students many sides of the reality, because they don' have many resources and are not mature yet.

I like what you said to your student, and i believed it too, that all the efforts we did will contribute to the accomplishment of ourselves, no matter in what way, and no matter who we became. The crisis's aim is not just to help you realize your former dream, but also to challange it, to examine and rethink it, and to make you to be a better one, a stronger one. Like Amanda, if she just stick to her former dream, she will never know how great a Chinese teacher she could be. If I were Keatning, i may tell Nail that there are many possibilities in life, as long as you can live and keep trying and never lose faith.

"The crisis's aim is not just to help you realize your former dream, but also to challange it, to examine and rethink it, and to make you to be a better one, a stronger one." Nicole, I can't agree you more. As Yuko said, reality is severe. We have to take salary, social status, and carear development into consideration. If our students believe they can abandon all of these for their dreams, as teachers, I think we have responsibilities to help them analyse possible outecomes, and then let them make a final decision, instead of encouraging them to pursue dreams without careful consideration.

Sometimes students seem to rush into conclusion.

I'll tell you what happened to the student who wanted to be a cartoonist. She couldn't go to a training school for cartoonists because of the financial problem. She said she was going to work for a phermacy to save money for the school. 6 months later, she came to school and said “I'm really enjoying working now. I didn't know how meaningful to have a job. She noticed what she hadn't known before. She has more dimentional points of view now.

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