February 23, 2006

Games for learning

I wanted this site to be dedicated to research surrounding games-based learning. This would include any kinds of games but primarily video and computer games.

At present I'm interested in the games that allow you to use your body as the controller.

Three games I'm into right now on Sony's PlayStation2:

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) (link to the official site)
Played with a dance pad (in your tennis shoes or soft shoes on a hard floor is best). You have to stand on the dance pad while watching the TV screen. The game will direct you to step on the arrows on the dance pad when the arrows on the tv reach the top of the screen. It's pretty hard.

play2.jpgEyeToy (link to the official site)
Very cool game with a little video camera that sits on top of your tv. You are actually in the game and you use your upper body (arms and head) as the controller. On the screen shows an outline of where you should stand. The game calibrates to your shape. You have to have the right lighting to make it work. The games that came with the camera include air guitar, Mr. Chef (what happened to Ms. Chef..hmmm?), table tennis, drums and more. I bought another game called "Groove" where you select songs and capture flying items on screen to get points. It is really fun!

Qcb080805164502.jpgHere's the combo game of EyeToy and DDR

Karaoke + EyeToy + DDR (link to official site)
Yes, they combined them all! I am still trying to get used to DDR so I'll take my time playing with all 3 at once.