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No windows and only one exit made the fire ignited Sunday at 2:30 a.m by a pyrotechnic show inescapable for many of the Brazil nightclub's 2,000 occupants, CNN said. The fire spread quickly, many died purely from smoke inhalation while others were trampled in the rush to the exit, said CNN.
Survivor Naton Basson told CNN he and his friends "grabbed rocks, sticks and an axe" in an attempt to knock a hole in the side of the club to free those trapped within. According to The Washington Post, firefighters later used this hole to drag people, mostly dead bodies, out of the club's remains.
Social media may have gone too far by releasing photos and videos of the chaos that ensued, said The Washington Post. Photographs of dead bodies and mourning survivors haunt the dashboards of Twitter. A young woman, who lost several in the accident, tweeted that people sharing these photos "surely have not lost anyone they love there", reported The Washington Post.
As for the nightclub, its license was expired, but the owners said it was properly permitted, said CNN. A statement from the law firm of Kummel & Kummel said the owners of the nightclub agreed to cooperate with further investigations, CNN reported.

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