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Analysis: controversial beating in Egypt

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In the Los Angeles Times article, "Victim sides with police after video shows naked beating in Egypt," the author makes a deliberate choice to craft the lead in an informative, yet simple style.
The lead included the who, what and where of the story while not being too specific on any which area. It addressed that a man (unnamed) who was stripped of his clothes and beaten in Egypt raised controversy when he appeared on television and accused protesters, not the security forces, of assaulting him.
This lead was more detailed oriented on the victims' response after the attack, rather than when the attack occurred. The reporter chose this approach because the angle of this story was not about the fact that the attack occurred, but rather how the victim responded to it. There is suspicion that the Ministry of Interior intimidated the man into exonerating police when he appeared on TV. In order to make this the clear purpose of the story, the author eliminates minor details like when the attack occurred to take the focus away from the act itself and directing attention towards this suspicion.

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Generally good job with the blog entries. Just be sure you space them out so you're not doing them all on the weekend. Keep up the work.

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