Analysis: France action in Mali

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In the BBC news article, "France action in Mali is real war, says Le Drian," there are three main sources that the author draws information from. There are a few direct quotes and other facts or events are paraphrased, both followed by an attribution. Two sources were directly named: Le Drian, who is a french politician who is in Gao, Mali and Mamadou Moussa Ba, who is a BBC producer also in Gao. They, as sources, were named because they are prominent, important individuals who served to provide first-hand, eyewitness reports of the conditions in the war zone. The sources that are unnamed, such as the government spokeswomen, provided more supporting facts and the information was often paraphrased as opposed to a direct quote.
The sources were not clustered together, as not to overwhelm the reader and cloud the facts with attributions. Although all the information was properly attributed it was in a well spaced, organized fashion. The reporter uses the word said to attribute most of the information, it effectively and concisely acknowledges who each bit of information came from.

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