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Analysis: updates on cause of death of the canadian women found inside water tank

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The lead of the article, "Body of missing Canadian woman, 21, found in water tank on Los Angeles hotel roof,"published by New York Daily News, focused primarily on when and where the body of the missing Canadian woman, Elisa Lam, was found.

The lead of the article, "Elisa Lam Autopsy Yet To Determine Cause Of Death," published one day later by the Huffington Post, proceeded to focus primarily on the why and how of the situation. Starting with the fact that the autopsy of the woman's body did not reveal the cause of death.

The fact that the body was found in the water cistern of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles was secondary news. The main news was summarized in a very short sentence, assuming the reader has already read the backstory of this particular event.

The second story advances the news by building off the information in the first article. The Huffington Post reiterates the situation only once, and then proceeds to add the new information and update the reader on the most current advances in the situation.

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