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Boy Scouts of America push decision about whether to ease its policy of excluding gays to May

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Due to the "complexity of the issue" the Boy Scouts of America delayed the decision about whether to ease its policy of excluding gays until May, the Washington Post said. It is a very delicate issue, and leaning toward either side will alienate the another and inevitably anger those on the outside, ABC news said.
Gay-rights supports argue that no Scout should be discriminated against or dismissed because of their sexual orientation, ABC news said. On the other hand, conservatives such as religious churches are large sponsors for troops, and they warned that if the policy were even "partially eased" they would withdraw a great deal from the troops, ABC news said. Even with the support of President Barack Obama and the mayor of New York City to lift the ban, this serious deliberation will involve a broad spectrum of folks and thus needs the extra time, ABC news reports. Rallies in support of both sides have taken place outside of the BSA's headquarters, the Washington Post said. This issue has attracted national attention and will undoubtedly continue to do so as the final decision nears, ABC news reports.

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