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Egyptian hot air balloon crash kills nineteen

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NIneteen people were killed when a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed durning a sightseeing tour in Luxor, Egypt on Tuesday, The Huffington Post said.

The balloon was in the process of landing when a fuel line broke and sparked a fire, Fox News said. The balloon surged up and the fire eventually spread to the balloon itself, causing it to burst and fall 300 meters into a sugarcane field, Fox News said.

Passenger Michael Rennie and the balloon's pilot, Momin Murad, survived the event by jumping from the balloon before the fire caused it to surge back upward some 1,000 feet, Fox News said.

Murad suffered heavy burns, while Rennie escaped the disaster with only scratches and bruises, The Huffington Post said.

"The pilot should have shut off a valve when the fuel line broke, which would have prevented the fire from spreading," investigators said according to the Fox News.

Eqyptian investigators are currently collecting data and documenting the scenen, The Huffington Post said. A seperate criminal investigation will take place to rule out foul play, The Huffington Post said.

Witnesses took a video of the crash.

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