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Soldier faces 20 years after leaking classified material to anti-secrecy website

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A former intelligence analyst pleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges in the event of leaking classified material, USA Today said.

Bradley Manning, 25, admitted to sending hundreds of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan battlefield reports, State Department diplomatic cables, other classified records and two battlefield video clips to WikiLeaks in 2009 and 2010, USA Today reported.

Manning's court martial is set to be June 3, The New York Times said.

Manning said Thursday at a hearing that he was disturbed by the conduct of the wars in the Middle East and the way the American troops treated the populace, USA Today reported.

According to the Obama administrations, the release of the documents "threatened valuable valuable military and diplomatic sources and strained America's relations with other governments," said USA Today. This is the biggest leak of classified material in the U.S., USA Today said.

Manning could face a life sentence if convicted of the most serious charges, which include "aiding the enemy," The New York Times said.

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