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The sources for this obituary were limited in regards to personal acquaintances of Kanin. There were few quotes from those who knew here, and more of a listing of the film and stage writer's accomplishments and awards.

The lead of this obituary, written by Aljean Harmetz of the New York Times, was very much a standard obituary lead. It followed the pattern we learned in class, where the deceased was named with a sort of anecdotal mention, followed by their age at death.

Kanin was an important figure in the field of film and stage writing, especially as the husband-and-wife team that wrote the Clark Gable-Doris Day comedy "Teacher's Pet" and the writer of television movies including Emmy-winning vehicles for Maureen Stapleton and Carol Burnett, The New York Times said.

This obituary is different from a resume because it does not simply list Kanin's places of work and experience, but it also compliments her character and has personal interjection from loved ones in the form of quotes. It also includes quotes from Kanin, herself, in her heyday.

Water main break to close Lake Minnetonka road

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A well-traveled road along the northeastern edge of Lake Minnetonka closed Monday due to a water main break in Wayzata, StarTribune said.

Repairs to the break will close nearly 2 miles of Bushaway Road from McGinty Road south to Minnetonka Boulevard, county woman spokeswoman Carolyn Marinan said according to StarTribune.

This is not the first time in recent months that a water main has broken in the area and caused significant traffic detours, Lake Minnetonka Patch said. In September of 2011 a pipe broke on the 500 block of Bushaway Road just north of the Grays Bay Bridge, causing a 24 hour road closure and detour, Lake Minnetonka Patch went on.

Bushaway Road is scheduled to undegro extensive reconstruction next year, Lake Minnetonka Patch said.

It is unknown how long the closure will keep traffic off the road, StarTribune said. However, Marinan said that a city's public works official "is hopeful that this will be ... completed by 4 p.m. Monday," according to StarTribune.

Three dead in 95-vehicle pileup at Va.-N.C. line

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Three people were killed in a chain-reaction series of pile-ups involving 95 cars on Interstate 77 near the Virginia and North Caroline state line on Sunday, authorities said according to NBC News.

There were 17 separate crashed within a mile span around 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, Fox News reported. A heavy fog in the area near the base of Fancy Gap Mountain was a factor in the crashes, Fox News said.

Since 1997, there have been at least six such pileups on the mountain but Sunday's crash was the most deadly, according to The Roanoke Times, Fox News said.

Three people were killed and about 25 injured, a police statement said according to NBC News.

Authorities reopened the northbound lanes Sunday night and the southbound lanes around 12 a.m. Monday, Fox News said.

5 members of Calif. family killed in Nevada crash

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Five members of a Southern California family were killed when there van was rear-ended by a driver around 3 a.m. on Saturday, who was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, authorities said according to Fox News.

There were seven family members in the car at the time of the accident along Interstate 15 about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Los Angeles Daily News said. Five of the family members were not wearing seat belts, and were thrown from the vehicle upon impact, LA Daily News said. The two survivors remain hospitalized in critical condition, Fox News said.

Jean Soriano, 18, of California was booked into the Clark Detention Center after he was released from the University Medical Center in Las Vegas after being treated for his injuries, Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Loy Hixson said according to Fox News.

The dead were identified as Genaro Fernandez, 41, of Norwalk; Raudel Fernandez-Avila, 49, and Belen Fernandez, 53, both of Lynwood; and Angela Sandoval, 13, and Leonardo Fernandez-Avila, 45, both of Los Angeles, LA Daily News said.

One person was killed and four people our were injured when suspected Taliban militants threw a tennis ball packed with explosives inside a private school, and then opened fire in Ittehad Town, Karachi on Saturday, India TV News said.

The tennis ball, which was the vessel for the explosives, contained 250 grammes of explosives and some ball bearing, The Express Tribune said.

This attack was part of the Taliban's killing spree aimed against Awami National Party leaders and supporters, India TV News said.

Abdul Rasheed Khan, 45, was killed in the shooting spree that followed the explosives. Khan was the principal of Nation Secondary School, and also the vice-president of Awami National Party's district west, The Express Tribune said.

The school was open on the weekend for its annual result day, The Express Tribune reported. Result day is an annual prize-distribution ceremony taking place for the position holders and nearly 500 students, The Express Tribune said.

According to witnesses, a young man in salwar kameez and a light beard threw a tennis ball carrying explosives and then started firing indiscriminately, India TV News said.

The suspects walked to the school, and also escaped on foot, The Express Tribune said. The suspects ran across the road and got on a motorcycle, escaping towards the road leading to Manghopir, India TV News said.

Mian Syed, 62, Tahira Nazeer, 10, Amna Kareem, 8, and the principal's daughter Atiya Rasheed, 12, were all wounded in the shooting that followed the explosives, India TV News said. The children injured were released from the hospital after first aid, and Syed is still in the hospital, The Express Tribune said. All injured are expected to fully recover, India TV News said.

A magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck rural central Taiwan killing one and injuring at least 20 people on Wednesday around 2 a.m. local time, Fox News said.

The lone fatality caused by the earthquake was a 71 year-old woman who was crushed when a temple wall collapsed on her, Fox News said.

Most of the injured sustained their injuries from fallen objects during the natural disaster, Fox News USA Today said. A house caught fire due to leaking gas, but was quickly put out, USA Today reported.

The head of Taiwan's Seismology Center, Kuo Kai-wen, told reporters that the earthquake occurred on a 'blind fault' capable of generating a 7.0 magnitude quake, Fox News reported. The earthquakes depth was a relatively shallow 9 miles, USA Today said.

The origin of the earthquake is suspected a 'blind fault' line east of the Chelungpu Fault, Fox news said. The 'blind fault' could be as long as 100 kilometers, and is potentially capable of producing a 7.0 magnitude quake. "The longer the fault, the stronger the earthquake" said Kuo Kai-wen, head of Taiwan's Seismology Center, according to Fox News.

Concerns on Pope Francis's complicated past

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Pope Francis's past is tainted with controversy surrounding topics as sensitive as gay marriage and political atrocities, CNN said.

Few would say that Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, is anything but a man who embraces the church's positions on core social issues. But he showed another side, when he faced one of the most acute tests of his tenure as head of Argentina's church, New York Times said. Pope Francis fronted himself as that of a deal maker willing to compromise and court apposing sides in the debate, New York Times said.

This approach stands in great contrast to his predecessor, Benedict XXI, who was known for his "unbending adherence" to doctrinal purity, NY Times reported.

A look deeper into Francis' past sheds light on his independent-thinker demeanor, CNN said.

In 1976, during Argentina's dictatorship, the navy kidnapped priests Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics. Some have accused Francis, then provincial superior for the Society of Jesus, of not doing enough to assert his influence and free them, CNN reported.

These allegations have never been proved, but continue to haunt the Pope, CNN said. Furthermore, between alleged fights with the arch bishop and accusations of lying under oath, Pope Francis has quite a controversial past, New York Times said.

Civilian laborer, Casey Fury, who set a fire that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to a nuclear-powered submarine, was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Friday, NPR News said.

Fury of Portsmouth, N.H pleaded guilty to two accounts of arson, one for the fire aboard the USS Miami attack submarine while it was in dry dock May 23, the another for a fire he set outside the submarine on June 16, The Huffington Post reported.

The 24-year-old who was taking medication for anxiety and depression said he set the fires to to get out of work, The Huffington Post said.

Several people were injured in the fires, WMUR News said.

The Navy has said the submarine can be repaired, but "those repairs have been delayed because of automatic federal budget cuts,"WMUR News said

Death sentence overturned for Arizona woman

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After spending 22 years on death row, Debra Milke has had her conviction, in the killing of her 4-year-old son, withdrawn, ABC News said.

Milke was convicted of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, child abuse and kidnapping on Oct. 12, 1990, CNN said. A judge sentenced her to death a few months after this conviction, CNN reported.

However, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Debra Jean Milke's murder conviction would not stand after they determined that a detective who testified against her in her trial had an undisclosed history of misconduct, ABC News said.

Milke allegedly confessed to the crime, but Detective Armando Saldate, who obtained the confession, failed to tape record it, ABC news said according to KNXV. Milke denied that she ever confessed, but was found guilty and sentenced to death, ABC News went on.

Saldate had a history of violating suspects' rights and lying under oath, which was not disclosed during Milke's trial, and lead the NInth Circuit Court of Appeals finding the conviction and sentence not able to stand in the court of law, ABC News said.

The ruling mandated that Arizona authorities must turn over all of the information that was not disclosed during the trial to Milke's defense team, ABC News said. Once they do, the prosecution must decide whether to retry Milke, and if she is not to be retried she will be released from prison, ABC News said.

Wrong woman buried at California mortuary

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When Evan Davidson, 73, told the morticians at Simpson Family Mortuary of Inglewood the woman in the open casket was not his wife, they told him it was he who was mistaken, New York Daily news said.

On March 1 Davidson attended his wife's funeral only to discover it was not his wife in the casket, Fox News said. Officials at Simpson Family Mortuary in Inglewood, Calif. admitted to mistakenly switching the bodies of two women, which they did not notice until after one was already buried, New York Daily news said.

Analysis: the Prime Minister's speech on the economy

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In crafting this news story the reporter did not take light to the idea of leaving out a personal voice or opinion. The reporter openly states the flaws of the Prime Minister and points out his "unfounded assertions."

The reporter structured the story in a series of blocks, each pertaining to claims that the Prime Minister made during the speech that the reporter would proceed to criticize and pick apart.

The reporter has gone beyond the event itself to help the reader understand its importance by referencing past claims by the Prime Minister and explaining the background on problems such as the issues surrounding the deficit. The reporter uses strong, passive voice to tell the reader what the Prime Minister claims, back the claim with a quote and goes on to pick out the flaws.

900 dead pigs fished out of a Shanghai river

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Songjiang district governments have fished out 900 dead pigs from a Shanghai river that is a source of water for residents, StarTribune said.

The district governments started retrieving the pigs from the river Friday night and by Saturday afternoon they had fished out and disposed of 900, the Huffington Post said.

Environmental protection agencies are increasing the monitoring of the river's water quality, StarTribune said.

Officials are investigation the origin of the pigs, Huffington Post said. A statement on the city's Agriculture website said they have not identified a source of the pigs or any evidence that they were dumped into the river, StarTribune said.

SUV Crash kills six and injures two

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A sport-utility vehicle crashed into a guardrail in Ohio on Sunday and landed in a pond, killing six of the eight passengers, USA Today said.

A Honda Passport came to rest upside down in a swamp just south of the city of Warren at 7 a.m. Sunday morning, ABC news said. The SUV sank to the bottom of the swamp with five of the victims trapped inside, ABC news said. A sixth, who was thrown from the vehicle at the time of the collision with the guardrail, was found under the vehicle when it was removed from the water, ABC news said.

The two survivors, Brain Henry, 18, and Asher Lewis, 15, escaped from the crash and ran to a nearby house to call 911, the highway patrol said according to USA Today. They were later treated for bruises and other minor injuries and released, USA Today said.

It is not known what the teens were doing out on the road at 7 a.m. on Sunday.

Police identified the deceased as 19-year-old Alexis Cayson; Andrique Bennett, 14; Brandon Murray, 17; and Kirklan Behner, Ramone White and Ray, all 15, ABC news said.

Michelle Bucklin sued Serco, Inc., a company that provides air traffic control services at the Jackson Hole Airport, in U.S. District Court in Cheyenne this week over the plane crash that killed her ex-husband and three sons, MPR News said.

Bucklin claimed that an air traffic controller's negligence caused the crash, StarTribune said. Bucklin's ex-husband was flying the small plane when it went down Oct. 25, 2010 in a mountainous region of Wyoming, StarTribune said.

Mountaineers found the wreckage and the four bodies after a weeklong search, MPR news said.

The National Transportation Safety Board said that an air traffic controlled had given Bucklin an improper flight clearance, MPR news reported. It was the improper clearance and Bucklin's acceptance of it that contributed to the accident, MPR news said. Bucklin was flying from Jackson, Wyo. and had assured that he had flown into Jackson several times and knew the risks of flying in the mountainous northwestern Wyoming region, StarTribune said.

The outcome of the Thursday lawsuit is still unfolding.

Second man arrested in shooting death of student

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A second man has been charged with the murder of Anthony Darnell Liddell, 19, ABC news said.

Stephon Mclain Jr., 22, was arrested Wednesday in Mansfield, Ohio, the Charlotte Observer said.

Liddell was shot three times last month in a residence complex at Coastal Carolina University, the Charlotte Observer said. He died several hours later, ABC News said.

Marquis Spencer McDonald, 22, has already been charged with murder, ABC News said. McDonald admitted being present at the time of the shooting, but told authorities someone else fired the gun.

Mclain is being held at the Horry County jail, and it is unknown at this time when he will appear in court, ABC News said.

Ballet dancer confesses to acid attack on director

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Three suspects have confessed to splashing Sergei Filin, the artistic director at Bolshoi's Ballet, with acid outside of his home in central Moscow on Jan. 17, ABC News said.

The reputation of the world famous theater has been blacked due to Pavel Dmitrichenko's, a leading soloist at the Bolshoi, confession of his role in the organization of this acid attack, NBC World News said.

Filin's face and eyes were severely burned, and he is currently recovering in Germany, ABC news said.

A get-away driver and the man that actually threw the acid, both of whom have no connection to the Bolshoi, were detained along with Dmitrichenko on Tuesday, ABC News said.

Reason's for the attack were given by Dmitrichenko in a statement to police, NBC news said. The statement did not elaborate on this, however, the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets reported that Dmitrichenko and Filin butted-heads after Dmitrichenko's girlfriend was passed up for top roles, ABC News said.

Analysis: multimedia options

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CBS and Fox News have very similar multimedia options offered on their webpages. Both are active on Twitter and Facebook, and offer radio, podcasts, and video of their content. CBS also has a YouTube page that viewers can follow, if they so desire.

The multimedia outlets, Twitter and Facebook, compliment news stories by providing a means for the corporations to get the main aspects of the news out to the general pubic. They allow for a short, informative synopsis of the news to be presented, which will hopefully draw the viewer to their site in a quest for the more detailed information. The video options highlight the main aspects of a story and put a identifying face to the person or location that the news is referring to, if any.

The writing accompanied along with these multimedia options is short and accurate. It is a lot of information compressed into a small space. The point of a tweet or Facebook status is to inform/update the reader on the news without bogging him/her down with the less critical information.

A Florida man is missing after a sinkhole opened up under his bedroom on Thursday around midnight, The Guardian said.

In Hillsborough County a 20-foot-deep by 20-foot-wide sinkhole opened up underneath the Bush family's Hills, NBC News said. The hole opened up the bedroom floor of the home, and swallowed Jeffery Bush in the process, NBC News said. At the time of the incident there were five adults, one child, and two dogs inside the house, all of whom escaped safely, NBC News said.

Bush's brother heard a sound described as car crash around midnight followed by screams of help, but by the time he ran to the room he could not see his brother in the 20-foot-deep hole, NBC news said. "All he saw was a piece of mattress sticking up," the Hillsborough Country fire rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico said according to The Guardian.

Officials said the sinkhole is perceived to extend 100-feet beyond what has already opened up, The Guardian said. "We put We put engineering equipment into the sinkhole and didn't see anything compatible with life," Damico said according to NBC news. Authorities will not say that the man is presumed dead.

Engineers are working to gather data about the soil to figure out the best way to stop the spread of the sinkhole, NBC News reported.

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