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Boat owner shaken after finding bombing suspect

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The man who located the bombing suspect in his boat on Friday is shaken, and will be a bit peeved if his boat was shot-up in the gunfire that preceded the fugitive's capture, USA Today said.

David Henneberry, a retired New England telephone worker, went outside after the lock down was lifted and noticed the tarp on his boat was ripped, WFMY news said. When he looked inside, he saw was appeared to be an injured body lying there and immediately called police, USA Today said.

Until Henneberry called police to report this discovery, Police did not know where Tsarnaev was and were concerned about losing his trail, USA Today said.

Police interviewed Henneberry extensively and he was shaken by the whole experience, WFMY reported.

People from all over are tweeting and sending Henneberry supportive messages for the role he played in the capture of Tsarnaev, USA Today said. Many are encouraging others to organize fund to get Henneberry a new boat, USA Today said.

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