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Confederate flag sparks free-speech battle

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A New Mexico man who flew a Confederate battle flag over his Alamogordo-area property faces a petty misdemeanor charge, News Castic said.

Scott Brown was flying a Confederate flag right next to an American Flag in February, KRQE news said.

Otero County sheriff's deputies asked Brown to take down his flag, KRQE news said. Brown did, however, Later that day, however, a deputy came to his house and cited him under a 1963 state law making it illegal to insult the U.S. flag or attach to it anything not connected with the patriotic history of the nation, KRQE news said.

Brown said that his recently deceased father-in-law left him the flag, and he was flying it in honor of the man, KRQE news said.

Brown is under charges of petty misdemeanor, and he still faces up to 182 days in jail and a $500 fine if he's found guilty, KRQE said.

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