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Kraft upgrades Kool-Aid Man look

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Looking to refresh its image, Kool-Aid will be unveiling a new look for its mascot on Monday, ABC news said.

The new mascot will not be crashing through walls and shouting "Oh, Yeah!" MSN reports. Instead, the Kool-Aid man will be computer generated, wear his flavors like clothing, and even talk with a bit of a sense of humor, MNS said.

This new look is evolving due to the much needed promotion for Kool-Aid's new flavored mix, ABC news said. The new mix reflects a push by Kraft Foods to adjust to changing tastes and replicate the success of its liquid flavor enhancer called MiO, ABC news reports.

In 2012, the brand's U.S. sales were down 5 percent to $338 million, according to the market researcher Euromonitor International, according to ABC news. With the growing popularity of liquid mixes, Kool-Aid is promoting this new flavor to compete with these other brands and attempt to get back in the game, MNS said.

The new ads are intended to fill in the blanks in Kool-Aid Man's character so people can relate to him, Erica Rendall, senior brand manager at Kraft Foods Group Inc., said according to ABC news.

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