This is an educational exercise involving students at the University of Minnesota. It is not intended to be a source of news.

Sit-in continues at Macalester College

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A couple dozen students spend the night in the Macalester College administration building on Tuesday, where they are protesting the school's ties to Wells Fargo, the StarTribune said.

Students began protesting Tuesday when they entered the office of President Brian Rosenberg, Post Bulletin said. The students then moved to a more common area of the administration building- where they are today, StarTribune said.

The students are protesting the ties Macalester has with Wells Fargo due to the banks negligent practices during the foreclosure crisis, Rebecca Hornstein, the student organizer said. The students want Macalester to end its business relationship with the bank, Post Bulletin said.

The protesters plan to occupy the building until they receive a favorable response from the college, Hornstein said according to the StarTribune.

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