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May 26, 2005


Sorry for the delay in updates this week, I've been somewhat under the weather for the past few days. Things are starting to look up a bit, so I hope to post again (as well as answer some questions in the Comments sections) on Friday.

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May 16, 2005


As the calendar on the right hand side of the screen will indicate, finals week (last week) was difficult, but is now over. Back to regular updates, and possibly new projects.

Wittgenstein's philosophy is a springboard to new thought, but so often we get caught up in our fascination of what he said that we forget to move on. (Or perhaps it is that having been confronted by his undeniable genius, we fear our own contributions will not stand up.) Obviously, I believe close readings of Wittgenstein are important (which is to say, good for developing critical thought). I also think that other philosophical avenues will yield just as many insights. I plan on studying pragmatist philosophy this summer, as well as work out some thoughts of my own. Hopefully you will be able to join the summer Wittgenstein reading group--which I can now begin to prepare--and, if not, hopefully you will be toying with some other vehicle for critical thought.

The most recent new passage is just below, #114, and I plan to update with a quote from Cavell's "Silences Noises Voices" tomorrow. Until then, let me know what you think.

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May 3, 2005

Updating again soon, possibly with some Cavell.

My apologies for failing to keep up with the regular schedule. After celebrating Wittgenstein's (and my) birthday somewhat excessively this weekend, I was left with little time to finish the necessary drudge-work that fills the latter part of the semester. Said drudge-work being primarily completed, I hope to post again this evening with a new passage.

Also, this week may see some passages from an essay by Stanley Cavell titled "Silences Noises Voices" which has some interesting insight on the Philosophical Investigations. More on this later.

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April 26, 2005

April 26th, 1889 - April 29th, 1951

Today, April 26th, is Wittgenstein's 116th birthday. We at the Wittgenstein Youth Brigade would appreciate it if, in honor of this day, you refrained from participation in any and all epistemology classes. There are many more important things one can do with one's time (as Wittgenstein often urged to his friends) than sit about and run in mental circles.

Also, the Brigade highly recommends the book Wittgenstein's Poker, which is very accurate to our understanding of both the philosophy and the history. If you are looking for a good read for this summer, this is an excellent choice.

And, today of all days, remember Wittgenstein's motto: "Never treat your common sense as you do your umbrella. When you enter a room to philosophize, do not leave it at the door, but bring it in with you."

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April 23, 2005

Thank you, UMN Philosophy Dept!

The Wittgenstein Youth Brigade would like to express its gratitude to the University of Minnesota Philosophy Department for the generous award of one of the 2005-06 Woodbridge Scholarships of $1000. This money will allow the Brigade to continue fighting the good fight against platonist propositions and essentialist assertions during the next academic year.

Thank you, UMN Philosophy Department!


The Wittgenstein Youth Brigade.

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April 8, 2005

Philosophy conference presentation.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be delivering a short paper entitled "Proofs and Explanations: The Wittgensteinian Influence on Kuhn's Theory of Science" at Macalaster college in St. Paul. Any parties are welcome to attend, though of course an interest in the subject matter would heighten the pleasure to be derived from such an experience.

Precise details--
Time: 2:30 PM Saturday, April 8th. Talk will last for 20-30 mins.
Place: Carnegie 208

The full paper is available for download in PDF format here.

(EDIT: There was an error causing the paper not to download when clicked. This error has been corrected. The paper should now download as normal.)

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April 6, 2005

Wittgenstein reading group.

I'm hoping to hold a Wittgenstein reading group over the summer, because I just know I'll be bored out of my skull. Provisional reading list will include:

Depending on the interests of the people who will be joining us, I will probably shift the focus of the readings (i.e., if we have people more interested in philosophy of mathematics, that's what we'll focus on).

Note: I've never read Remarks, but after going through a collection of notes from his lectures on the foundations of mathematics at Cambridge I'm excited to go through this one as well. The Tractatus I've read only once, and found it to be greatly in need of an accompanying discussion group. Investigations will also be much clearer if there is a group to talk through it with.

Please let me know if you are interested. I'm hoping to find at least a couple of people, so if you think you might want to join just send me an email. Thanks!

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April 1, 2005

For reference.

This site will primarily contain discussions of Wittgenstein's work, but may also veer into the work of other 19th and 20th century philosophers, esp. Russell and the logical positivists. I welcome comments and corrections, so please feel free to post either.

There was a livejournal prior to this site, but it did not have any particular emphasis, being rather a journal about my life featuring the occasional philosophical consideration. If you are interested in this, you would probably not be interested in that, though my guess is that that is only a one-way conditional.

If you are only interested in the philosophical postings, and have no interest in me as a person, you will find that I have helpfully segregated my posts into two different categories: Investigations, and The Person. I'll leave it to you to decide which is more interesting.

I read books and play video and computer games, so you shoul expect to see updates regarding these every so often. Rest assured that unless it is a very philosophical book/game, these discussions will always be separate from the Investigations.

Lastly, thanks to the University of Minnesota library system for providing this free service to all students. I very much appreciate it.

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