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When it was aired, I watched Flavor of Love religiously. No shame. I found the show terribly entertaining, but when I think back on reasons why- it is not the best show, and it is nothing like anything i had ever experienced in real life. I went to a high school in Minnetonka where there were literally less than 20 black students. so when i was watching this show, i just saw a bunch of black women fighting, or clawing, or just shouting, over a horribly unattractive joke of a man. Since I didn't have anything to compare it to from my real life experiences, it passed through my filters as educational almost, even though i knew that all of these women must have had something extremely wrong with them in order to be attracted to Flava Flave........ Yikes. as the article said, they portrayed the women as very ghetto-- and when the definition of ''Ghetto'' can be deployed as a label for
allegedly dysfunctional behavior (hypersexual, uncouth, criminal, violent, loud) and
values (nontraditional family values, materialism) was used- it fit like a glove with all of the shouting and weave pulling that went down.

taking into consideration that there are many other people like me in the world who are not very cultured who are watching this could be dangerous, and it could easily spread stereotypes and racism if the shows continue to show black women behaving in such an animalistic way to get the attention of a man.


I absolutely agree that this show probably helps to spread major stereotypes. On page 4 of the article, they talk about how this show was one of the highest rated television shows in cable history! Clearly its message is reaching a huge audience, which likely includes a ton of people who also unknowingly let it "pass through thier filter"

Good points, ladies. What's interesting though is that the authors of the article end up saying that Flavor of Love actually has more complex portrayals of women than The Bachelor. Does this argument lose credibility with your assertions that regardless of "complexity," the show perpetuates racist stereotypes?

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