Gramsci Hegemony


Antonio Gramsci's piece on Hegemony was very interesting to me. One of Antonio's early points on hegemony really made me stop and think. Under point c of Hegemony he discusses hegemony in terms of how the ruling class exercises their power over the majority by almost creating an illusion that the majority has power. That way, the majority is satisfied by thinking that they have equal, if not more, say on what is going on with their lives when in fact it's the smaller group within the ruling class that are dictating almost what is going on.

This idea of an illusion just really made me think about our media runs things today on an illusion that we have all these news outlets, all these channels to watch, but really it's all owned by six (I think?) different companies. This small handful of companies are dictating what we see and in turn what we think.


I did not relate these two ideas when I was reading the article but I think it's a really good point. The big media companies have much more power over the flow of information than then average citizen. However, new media technologies have made it increasingly possible to change this through blogs and micro-blogs like Twitter which allow people to disseminate their own opinions and alternative information. Unfortunately, this does make it more difficult to discern what is a reliable source of information.

It really is a scary reality to know that only a handful of companies are controlling what we see. For example, when it came to the events of September 11th, all the news broadcasts seemed to portray this sad event as an attack on America and the start to a "war on terror". Ten years later, more and more independent film makers are throwing together documentaries on the events of September 11th that show how the attacks are a lot more controversial than how the media portrayed them.

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