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While I definitely notice how many products (toys, posters, shirts, soundtracks, dvds, etc) are sold relating to specific movies or television shows, I don't usually remember to think about the fact that so many of them are made by companies that are all owned by the same conglomeration. It's strange to consider how connected so many companies are, both across the different types of media companies and the seemingly unrelated companies. The concept of the "internal market" is an interesting one.



I think it is fairly common for people to forget/not to even know in the first place how connected many of these companies are. I think a lot of people assume certain movies (twilight, perhaps?) are good because they see the merchandise everywhere... They assume the merchandise was made because the movie was popular, when in reality, the movie may have gained popularity because of all of the hype/advertisement via the merchandise.


Going off a movie's popularity based on the products it sells, shows, films, TV shows and the like have been released with the intention of releasing consumer products. It's intriguing to think of how many of our own interests were based around a similar concept growing up. As the article states, the Batman products were released as the film was hitting its prime of popularity. I remember when Barney bedsheets and Superman pajamas were being sold. I suppose my overall question is, what would you say influences what? The text's release on the consumer products or the possibility of consumer products that propel the text's popularity?

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