Special Occasion Speech


fnl_122_11.jpgPlease share your topic for the special occasion speech in the comments below. This is due by this Friday, April 29th.

What will you honor/commemorate/accept/inspire/celebrate....?



Social Protest Speech Topics


Hello! Please state the following in the comments section:

1. Speech topic: That is, the argument, the "Call to Action" (What are you inspiring/motivating/demanding of people?)

2. Your audience

Please get your topics up no later than Friday, April 8th.


Service-Learning Midterm Reflection


This assignment is designed to help you critically reflect on the work you've been doing with your service-learning sites. In the comments section, please respond to the questions below. In addition, post one comment in response to another service-learning student's answers--that is, respond to their answers, perhaps noting if you had similar experiences, questions you have, etc. Your reflection is due by Tuesday, March 29. Your response to the other student is due by Friday, April 1.

A few sentences for each questions is plenty!

1. What kind of work have you been doing as a volunteer at your site? Describe a typical day.

2. How does that work benefit the organization? How does this work benefit yourself?

3. In what ways have you seen the connections between public speaking and your service project? This might include ways you've used your voice at the cite, how preparing your speech for class helped you better appreciate your organization, or how the organization relies on public speaking to further their cause (or anything else you might observe).

4. What has been the best thing about service-learning so far? The worst? The biggest obstacle? How do you plan to overcome that obstacle during the last part of the semester?

Credibility in 30 min or less!


As you remember, I had to end class a half hour early in order to get your videos uploaded in our lab, and because I truly want you all to benefit as much as possible from our designated three-hour session, I want you to spend no more than 30 minutes on the following:

1. find a short speech (on youtube, from a news site, wherever); this can be from a movie or from real-life
2. explain how the speaker does or does not display credibility (ethos). this should be done in bullet points--don't write a big explanation, just state the facts.

A sample post might look like this:
"David Hasselhoff in 'Dodgeball'" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgRJjLkYApI)
-speaks with authority (stern tone, strong eye contact)
-references his celebrity status (holds up framed picture of himself)

And that's it!!!!!!!! You're done! Leave your response in the comments section and enjoy everyone's selections. : )

Persuasive Speech Topics


Hi! This is the place to post your persuasive speech topics (in the comments section)! Remember if you're doing service-learning, it must be a persuasive element related to your service-learning site.

Speech Topics


In the comments section, reply with your speech topic for the informative speech. All topics are due before class on Tuesday, February 15th. We will review the topics in class on Tuesday; if you have the same topic as someone else, I'll give you time to meet with that person to make sure you approach the topic from a different angle.

What will you inform us about?......




State of the Union Topic Response


Pick one topic discussed by Obama that you felt was particularly strong or particularly weak. Why do you think you felt persuaded or not persuaded? Consider not only the content, but also how he framed it, and his tone/body language during delivery.

State of the Union Address


Please see the link below for the State of the Union Address transcript and video--(the full video is at the top of the page). As you watch, consider both content and form. What is our current political climate and how does that shape the content of the speech? What is the president's tone? What kinds of rhetorical tools are utilized throughout? Who is the audience? What is being pushed, are you persuaded? Etc.


Please feel free to share some reactions on the blog! We'll spend time discussing this in class, of course, but this is an easy way to get some participation points and start off conversation!


Hello Comm 1101 Students!

I'm looking forward to a great semester with all of you! This course, as we'll discuss on the first day, is fulfills the Civic Life and Ethics requirement, which means that aside from being a skills-based course that teaches you the mechanics of public speaking, we'll also delve into why and how using one's voice in public is a necessary part of sustaining a functioning society and creating social change.

This blog will be a space for us to continue class discussions, post speech topics, ask questions, and for anyone who opts in to participate in the Service-Learning option, this blog will be a space for reflection on your community work. (This will all be explained on day one!).

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