Poor Research Example

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Link: http://bit.ly/YG11OH

Here's an example of a poor research method:

I picked up my phone.

Hello. My name is Jane. I would like to introduce you our new product and then I'd like to ask about your opinion. Did you know what are the health benefits of cod-liver oil for your organism? With only two tablets daily you can...

There was no way for the lady on the other side for being younger than sixty-five years. And she was obviously nervous.

I'm sorry. I'm not interested.

Won't you let me finish my reading? You know, they are recording this and if I don't finish my reading they can fire me...

Now, this market research has multiple ethical implications. First of all, the issue of trying to guilt the consumer into participating breaks the principles and applications of The Belmont Report. As our class book states, "subjects must be given the opportunity to choose what shall or shall not happen to them" and "The consent process should include three elements: information, comprehension, and voluntariness." This example above does not follow these principles because the subject is - in a sense - guilted into participating.

The second issue that I can see within this market research attempt is from an internal, company perspective. If the company attempting to seek this market research truly is forcing the lady assessing the survey into a position where she feels she needs to use guilt to succeed, the ethical preparation of the company needs some analyzing. Ethics is - sometimes - a hard thing to calculate being that it has to be -somewhat - contextual. However, in this example above, this survey, sale, or whatever you want to call it, flirts with the research ethics.

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