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Futureal is a company that I came across many years ago. They "use quantitative and qualitative research, logic and creativity to hep (sic) their clients build strategy for an uncertain future."

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In a recent article (, the founder of Futureal Tamar Kasriel was listed as one of the worlds most influential futurists. When asked about what makes her company different from their competitors, Tamar had this to say.

"I think the way we approach questions is quite unique. The answers to questions about the future won't come just from one place - we can't just rely on, say, primary research. If we use it at all, we need to combine it with what we can glean from academia, what's going on within the industry, find parallels in other sectors, and create a workable model for putting it all together. We're also finding that despite all the hype, social media is largely an untapped resource in terms of understanding shifts in consumer attitudes, and we find ourselves increasingly drawn to create our own innovative social media analytics."

This article focuses on multiple aspects of research that we touched on this semester. Concepts of qualitative and quantitative, but also the idea about what questions we are asking, and the strategy behind them. This is one of the first examples where I have clearly seen a direct relationship between class and the real world.

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