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An article that I chose to focus this blog post on dealt with the issue of medicare and its testing. "We examined repetitive testing for six commonly performed diagnostic tests in which repeat testing is not routinely anticipated," the study authors wrote. "Although we expected a certain fraction of examinations to be repeated, we were struck by the magnitude."

The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found among Medicare beneficiaries undergoing echocardiography, or examination of the heart, 55 percent had a second test within three years.

Other repeat testing showed:

  • 44 percent of imaging stress tests were repeated within three years,
  • 49 percent of pulmonary function tests,
  • 46 percent of chest computed tomography
  • 41 percent of cystoscopies, an examination of the bladder
  • 35 percent of upper endoscopies, examination of the digestive tract, the study said.

This was an interesting article because it not only highlighted the process of research but it also deals with a political and culturally relevant issue of medicare. I really appreciated the article being more about the statistics and research; not a political agenda.

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