The importance of a Conductor

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A question that at some point we have all - most likely - pondered is whether or not conductors are really necessary to lead orchestras. Well, a new study from the University of Maryland aims to answer that question. Below is an interesting quote about the findings of this study.

This was an extremely interesting study because of the hypothesis - which stated, "if the movement of the conductor could predict the movements of the violinists, then the conductor was clearly leading the players. But if the conductor's movements could not predict the movement of the violinists, then it was really the players who were in charge."

What the scientists found was that "the more the influence of the conductor to the players, the more aesthetic -- aesthetically pleasing the music was overall." Because of this answer, it seems to me that the validity of the study may be in question due to the fact that the outcome has little to do with the hypothesis. This - most definitely - made me question the study.

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