Zombie Prom 2012


On October 26th, the Office of Residential Life and Student Activities hosted the sixth annual Zombie Prom in Oyate Hall. Over 300 students attended the event which featured a DJ, zombie themed food, games, a prom photo area, and a costume contest.
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Clayton A. Gay Hall Black Light Dance

The Clayton A. Gay Hall Community Council hosted a black light dance on October 19th. Approximately 200 students attended the black light dance which featured music, dancing, games and mock-tails in the Gay Hall central lounge.
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September Programs and Activities

During the month of September, the residential life staff planned and implemented 112 individual programs with a total of 1774 resident participants.

Here are a few examples of the programming and activities from September: ORL Welcome Weekend Dance.JPGResidential Life Maroon and Gold Dance, Floor Dinner, Laundry 101, Cooking 101, Billiards Tournament, Sardines, Bingo Night, Time Management, Star Gazing, National Grandparent's Day, S'mores, Frisbee and the Pomme de Terre, Fire Safety, Pomme de Terre Hike, Plying Minds (and Play-Doh), Floor Volleyball, Fitness Frenzy, Farmers Market, Grill Out, Campus Police Q&A, Ultimate Frisbee, Snack and Study, Beyond the Wind Turbines (Sustainability) Forum, Face Paint, Food and Football, Coloring Time.

Test 2

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Test 2 - Blakely Staff photo taken during CA training for the upcoming 2012-13 academic year.

Test Entry

Test Photo - ON Campus Apartment Staff Photo Apartment Staff Blog Test Pic.jpg

This photo was taken during Community Advisor training for the 2012-13 academic year. We have 40 student staff members that participate in two weeks of training.

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