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More on Moodle blog

Again, I had a need to look at Moodle blog as I had done in my last post. This time my scenario is different. I am working on creating community portal prototype site for UMN international students (https://moodle.umn.edu/course/view.php?id=413) . If you are interested in looking at the course, please send me an email tmikk@umn.edu .

I envision that there is a designated publisher for this site whose role is to involve other students in discussions, create new activities, and publish a blog. Ideally this publisher would be an international student.  Publishing a blog would be one of the ways in which energy could be created in the site. I imagine that other students may be interested in what goes on in another student's daily life.

I want this blog to be created in Moodle to keep the entire site self contained. For this I had to figure out a few things first. In order to add a blog to the course you need to add a blog block. One would expect that there is a blog activity in Moodle, but there is not.  This makes sense since blogs in Moodle are not related to the course, but instead are site wide or public. Once I had added a blog block to the site, I was able to create new blog entries. All is well and good, but how will these blog entries show up on the site?

I figured out that in order to do this, I need to first add a external RSS feed block to the site and then grab the RSS feed from my blog entries. Adding an RSS block was easy enough. Testing with Yahoo word of the day RSS feed worked seamlessly as well. But how do I find the RSS feed for my entries? This too was not too difficult. I clicked on "view, edit my blog entries" inside the blog block and was taken to the page with my blog entries. There I noticed an RSS button. I copied the link location and used it in my RSS block. Once, I added the RSS feed, I also configured my RSS block to include this feed to be displayed.

After all was done I fully expected my blog post to show up on the course site, but no luck. I posted to the Moodle support forum asking if this Moodle blog RSS feature was really working. A few days later I learned that RSS is not working currently in Moodle blogs.

I hope that this will be available in a future as my scenario, I think, for using Moodle blogs in this way is quite common.

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