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November 13, 2008

MinneDemo 11-12-08


MinneDemo http://minnedemo.org/ had a great get together yesterday at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. There were ten demos lasting 7 minutes each. Most demos are software demos, and made by local profit or non profit organizations. Lots of innovation going on.

1. Hardcore computer http://www.hardcorecomputer.com/ demonstrated their liquid submersion computer made for gaming. Liquid submersion addresses the overheating concern of today's computers.

2. Periscope Gadget http://periscopegadget.com/ allows Basecamp http://www.basecamphq.com/ projects control inside iGoogle and in Gmail.

3. Tumblon http://tumblon.com/ a sharing website for parents of 0-5 year olds. Parents can mark their children's milestones, upload pictures and write a blog and then control whom they will share their site.

4. SuddenDeals.com http://suddendeals.com/ matches requests from consumers for eating out and entertainment with merchants providing specials. This works by consumers entering info of what they intend to do and merchants listing their offers. Offers are then matched by the matching engine and text message offers are sent to consumer's cell phones. Created by the UMN IT graduate.

5. Portage Interactive - http://www.portageinteractive.com/ creates educational games for children grades 4-6 years old. They demod their game called Team Trex. The game places students with some online characters on Glacier Bay and asks them to solve problems. Teachers control many aspects of the game and are provided with detailed reports.

6. OnePlace http://info.oneplacehome.com/ online collaboration and team management application. This seemed like a great application to learn more about. It breaks down barriers between work and home life and allows for greater, more flexible and more connection with people who are important to you.

7. Zanby http://zanby.com/ - allows individuals associate with groups and group families. The demo was most confusing of all the apps demod. I was lost in understanding what the main problem was that the app was trying to address.

8. TryCatch games - http://trycatchgames.com/ develops flash games for "killing time". Their clients are companies who can use these games for promotianal purposes. Applications are easily skinned to customer's desires.

9. Enleiten - http://enleiten.com a project management and personal productivity tool. Ogranize your work and personal tasks and collaborate with others. This app again breaks down barriers between work and home responsibilities.

10. BannerFlow - http://bannerflow.com/ is a service to connect banner designers with their customers. Allows easy uploading of different versions of banners and feedback from the byers of these banners.

In summary a great set of demos. It was interesting to see how people were able to use the seven minutes they had for their demo. The most common way to "move along" was to have two people present. One person was talking, the other was doing the software demo "driving". One person also used a pre-recorded movie of the software that ran and he commented on it during the demonstration. The folks from BannerFlow acted out the parts of a banner creator and a buyer and used their software to show how it helped them do their work.