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May 13, 2011

Lost UMN Secure Wireless connection on iPod Touch after changing UMN Internet password

The UMN Secure Wireless connection on iPod Touch or any other smart phone is nice - you only have to set it up once and then it works. That is, it is not necessary to authenticate each time you want to access the Internet over the wireless connection at the University of Minnesota.

But as it turned out the UMN Secure Wireless stops working when you change your UMN Internet password. The two don't seem related, but they are. When UMN Secure wireless is configured the first time it asks you to enter your UMN Internet ID and password to get a certificate that is then stored on your device. Once your UMN Internet password changes, the certificate is no longer valid and you are unable to make a UMN Secure Wireless connection.

When I changed my Internet password, it took a little bit of figuring out on how to fix the UMN Secure wireless connection on my iPod Touch. I had a hunch that I had to get rid of the old certificate and reconfigure my UMN Secure wireless connection, but I was not able to find where the certificates are stored and how to remove them. My co-worker suggested that I try "forgetting" the UMN Secure wireless connection. This indeed worked. Once I had selected to "forget" the wireless connection, this action erased everything associated with it. The UMN Secure wireless connection still showed up in the available connections list and I was able to connect to it which prompted me to enter my Internet ID and the new password. And voila I was back in business.