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Checklist for moving a URL to Contao

We recently launched a redesigned website for Disability Services created with Contao. To launch the site site I needed to transfer the ds.umn.edu url from the old server to the Contao server. There were a number of steps involved in the transfer which is why I am documenting them here.

  1. Request a URL transfer from NTS by filling out DNS change form.
  2. Edit Apache config file to include statements for the new URL
  3. Restare Apache for the changes to take effect
  4. Change the website URL in Contao backend for the webroot page

In addition in our case had an alias www.ds.umn.edu that was pointing to ds.umn.edu. That alias also needed to move to the new server. I requested the change with NTS and then created a redirect in Apache configuration file to forward all requests coming to www.ds.umn.edu to go to ds.umn.edu

Website editing in Contao can be integrated with UMN Shibboleth login. In order to use Shibboleth login with the new URL, there were additional steps involved.

  1. Make sure you have SSL certificates installed on the new server for the URL that you are transferring
  2. In Apache config file include the certificate URL paths for the protected part of the site.
  3. Restart Apache for the changes to take effect
  4. Add statements for the new URL in shibboleth2.xml file
  5. Restart Shibboleth service for the change to take effect
  6. Add statements for the new URL in metadata.xml file
  7. Email the Identity Management and ask them to seed the new metadata.xml file

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