January 29, 2007

SQL join

What does it mean when SQLite database does not perform Right Outer Joins and Full Outer Joins? Is this important for me to consider when I want to eliminate two fields from the new entry form in my tracker? Wikipedia knows all about SQL joins.  Most of my queris require support for Inner Joins.  SQLite will work.  My next question - which SQLite manager should I pick?  There is a long list to choose from.

January 17, 2007

Roundup and RSS

We use Roundup tracker to track issues which is working out great. Roundup is primarily used by coders for bug tracking but it can be used to track all sorts of things.  In our case we use it to track customer requests.  Today I was looking into adding RSS feed to a Roundup tracker.  The code for this is already created as is handily documented by Michael Twomey.  There is even two ways to do it.  I  tried out the second path of creating a  template based .xml file. 

I did not succeed in my  creation of the RSS feed unfortunately.  I am not quite sure why.  Yet, in the process I learned something else.  It dawned on me that even if the RSS feed functionality would work, I would not be able to get information into the feed as our Roundup issues are password protected.  Most bug trackers are public and allow public to view the entries.  I modified our tracker to be private for the internal use only.  As such I effectively ruled out the creation of RSS feeds from it.