March 6, 2009

Punk Rock's History In The Twin Cities


first avenue

Minneapolis has always been a city with a rich and cultural artistic tradition. Home of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Weisman Art Museum and the Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis has a prestigious background in art. Luckily, there is one lesser focused-on “art” in the Twin Cities that defies all norms and completely demolishes the concept of “prestige.” Loud, distorted, hell-raising, anti-establishment punk rock has a renowned history in Minneapolis. Plenty of influential figures in punk music trace their roots back to the Twin Cities metropolitan area. (And what better fan base for a band to debut in than the University of Minnesota students?) As an epicenter for Midwest-region punk rock, the City of Lakes is very much a significant part of the punk rock music scene as well as the host of some of the greatest rock music venues.

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A Punk Rock Show In MPLS!

d4 live
There's nothing more adrenalizing than hearing the ear-drum shattering, heart pounding, hell-raising sound of punk rock live. A punk rock show is an experience unlike any other. I attended a Dillinger Four show at Minneapolis' historic First Avenue on September 18, 2008.

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D4's "Minimum Wage Is A Gateway Drug"

The following is a musical analysis of Dillinger Four's "Minimum Wage Is A Gateway Drug" from their 2008 album, Civil War.

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