February 16, 2009

MOT 2010 Class Blog

MOT 2010 students created a blog to keep us updated with information, changes, and informational tips. You can subscribe to this blog to easily access updates whenever it is convenient for you. You can also have it send you a message whenever new information is posted.

How do I subscribe?

On the lower-right side of the blog screen, in the Links area, you will see a symbol and "Subscribe to this blog's feel RSS 2.0." Simply click the link to subscribe.

rss button.gif Alternatively, you can click the "Subscribe to this page button" from the address bar in Mozilla Firefox.

After I subscribe, how do I access the newsletter blog?

There are a number of ways to access RSS and those who are familiar with these options can use their preferred RSS readers. However, both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer now provide options, and you can also set up Thunderbird to notify you of updates.

* In Mozilla Firefox, you will be prompted for where you want to store the bookmark, and you can access the link easily there.

* In Internet Explorer 7.0, feeds are stored under the "star" icon on the left side of the tabs near the top of your screen.