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Blog Prompt #4-The Abscence of School

For many people the only fun part of college falls between Thursday night and Sunday morning. Classes are just things that pass the time and cause people problems. For another group of people college is something that is out of reach because of financial reasons, GPAs, test scores, or a myriad of other reasons. But what if it didn't exist? What if there was no program? What if it was just you, what would you do?

There are many things that are possible with the time many people set aside for college. If you still really wanted to do the things that you would in school, how would you get it done? Would you still get the same education and chances that you would through formal schooling?

I would argue that you could get something better and more valuable this way, but it is completely up to you. If you are willing, you would be able to in some ways change the profession of architecture. With no formal education you could broaden your horizons to cover more fields and then bring that knowledge back into your workings as an architect. Although working with an architect would be crucial to learning what you would be doing in general work as an architect, you could also work with and learn from engineers, artists, musicians, athletes and any other type of profession you could think of.

Adding this knowledge to architecture could allow that architect to be inside their employer's heads. It could allow them, in a perfect world, to completely fulfill the employer's needs. This knowledge could also completely change the architects personal work into something that now architects have trouble even imagining. I believe it would have such an effect that it could quite possibly change the face of our world.

This idea, although a seemingly far cry from our world today, could exist anywhere. It does not take some far off place with a culture full of people completely different then ourselves. This idea could exist anywhere with any group of people at any school. The interesting thing is, is that this idea could even exist with the school set up that we have now. Although it could never exist to the extent that is proposed earlier in this blog the architect is still able to better him or herself and their profession by incorporating the ideas of others.









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