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Blog #8 & #9- Constructive Criticism for 2 Presentations

Presentation 1


The first presentation that I saw on Monday the 21st was on Environmental Sustainability, the same topic that my group is doing our project on. Although our two projects were on the same general topic, it was very interesting to see the differences between the two projects. Unlike my groups presentation, this group went into more depth on what makes something green. This provided some similarities in the materials that were used for building but other than that the two were completely different. I found it interesting that a topic that originally, without any research, seemed very limited and one tracked, could evolve into a topic that could create many very different projects.
This presentation had many good facts and statistics throughout it and especially in regards to the materials that could be used for sustainable building. The one that struck me as the most interesting and also extreme, even though it was more general, is that 48% of all energy consumption in the U.S. is caused by architecture. This fact really hits home the need to focus on a movement towards green design and the use of sustainable materials in order to lower this number.
I think that for the most part this presentation went very well although the Power Point seemed to detract from it a little. The Power Point, although full of good information, had too much on one page. The amount of information on each page made it difficult to read and comprehend all at one time pushing you to focus just on what the person is saying. In my opinion a good Power Point should have small amounts of information on each slide used to further what the presenter is saying, with more of an emphasis on the image or images that are on the slide.

Presentation 2


The first presentation done today, Monday the 28th, dealt with Millennium Goal One that works on resolving poverty and hunger. Being a resident of Minneapolis my whole life it was interesting to learn more specifics about the amount of and reasons for the poverty and hunger in this city. This group seemed to do an especially good job with the questions that they started out by asking themselves in order to guide their research. Two of these that were especially good were looking at understanding who the homeless in this city are and recognizing that homelessness is an ongoing problem and although shelters and other relief efforts help in the short term, there needs to be a push towards getting rid of what causes homelessness originally.
Being from Minneapolis and having spent a good amount of time in some of the places that are considered to have some of the largest populations of populations of people who are homeless or living in poverty, it was interesting to see and hear other peoples thoughts on low-income housing complexes like the Cedar-Riverside complex and how it has been seen as an extreme failure, falling, for the most part, into a complex full of drug-use, gang activity, and other unwanted activities.
Finally, it was interesting to be able to see this groups actual finished portfolio booklet and how it was designed. It was very helpful to see an example of not just a portfolio, but a portfolio from people that are in the same class and have for the most part the same skill level as myself. In general I really liked the booklet made by this group and was especially interested in the idea for an affordable housing project designed by this group that worked with both poverty and with environmental sustainability. This groups also had some very interesting pictures throughout their booklet that were well placed and fit with what was being talked about on that page. These reasons along with the simple design techniques applied in this portfolio made it very interesting.

P.S. It was really a bummer about the malfunctioning projector hook up...psshh Technology! haha