April 6, 2009

How Technology has Transformed WDIO

This entry is about Dane Hanson and Bailey Toland's trip to the WDIO news station in Duluth, MN. Read on for more information including a slide show, Q & A with a producer, a video, and descriptions of new technologies being implemented into the business today.

news station 026.jpg

For our Q & A with the Assistant News Director Breanne Massee, a Map of where WDIO is located, and a video click here.

New Technologies:

The Internet
Due to the Internet WDIO has been experiencing some big changes. A year ago their website didn't even have video. The Assistant News Director Breanna Massee said that web sites are growing increasingly competitive. WDIO's biggest competition is the Duluth News Tribune.

"It's a constant race for who has the more information, who's breaking the story minute by minute," said Massee. "Every single year it gets more focused on the web site, it just continues."

Perhaps the most interesting thing we learned is that WDIO does not have a webmaster. Therefore, it's up to people like Massee to work on the web site. This means people must learn more skills in a small amount of time, while also doing their regular job.

P2 Cards
Five years ago when Massee started at the station crews would use regular VHS videotapes when in the field. Now they are down to little memory cards called P2 cards. They switched to these over a year ago. Their advantage is great compared to the videotapes, which hold an hour of footage, the P2 cards can hold up to 133 minutes. When the reporters would come back with their footage on VHS they would have to wait the hour for the video to upload, but with the P2 cards the video is uploaded immediately. The footage is then placed into a system where anyone from the reporter to the editor to the producer is able to look at it.

For more information on the WDIO newstation visit their homepage