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Fatal Shooting Brings up Growing Issue

The Star Tribune has been actively following the fatal shooting of Charez Jones whom at 14-years-old was shot and killed as an unintended target of a gang shooting. I think the coverage of this story has been pretty good, yet there are some things that could be changed. The story never gives you a time or an estimated time of when the shooting happened. Even though this is a follow up story, there still might be people who have not heard what happened and it adds context. The second thing that could be improved is the number of qutotes that are in the story which are very scarce. In an emotionally charged story like this, the quotes add the story. Even if it's a family member or close friend. I think the quotes show how they are coping with the situation.
This story also brings to light a greater important issue which is the growing number of homicides in Minneapolis. I think that if you are going to add this into the story, there has to be more on this. LIke I metioned earlier, a quote helps. They could have talked to a city official whether it is a sheriff or council person that can comment on the number of homicides that have reached 25 since March and what they are doing to combat this growing trend. Or they could've asked residents how they feel. Overall, the story was good, but the coverage could be improved.