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Kevin Garnett is Gone

Minnesota's hometown sports hero, Kevin Garnett, is officially gone. The Minnesota Timberwolves traded him to the the Boston Celtics for 5 starting players and 2 first round draft picks in the future. The trade comes months before the new season was to start. Initially Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor denied talks of trade and repeatedly said that Kevin Garnett was not on the block. But that was not the case as Kevin was seen holding the Celtic's jersey up in the air. at a press conference. I think the local coverage was much better than any other coverage. ESPN covered the story as if it quickly as regular news. Local news agencies such as the Stat Tribune whom took more of an in depth role. They made a time line of his success, calling it the end of an era and also broke down the trade transactions monetarily in order to see exactly what was done within the trade and who got what. Considering how important he was to Minnesota sports, and Minnesota, this is a very relevant story.