7 days...

I'm not talking about The Ring (that is a good movie though)...7 days until I GRADUATE!!!!! It has been a long road coming, but it feels like I haven't been here for more than 2 years. Its hard to believe that its been 4.
A lot has happened since last time I blogged so I'll just update you guys on the recent events. I've been really fortunate to receive some wonderful honors from some of the offices and staff here that I have so much respect for. Last week I was able to attend a reception to receive the President's Student Leadership and Service Award. I was nominated for this award by one of the MCAE staff, Jillian Rowan. She was the coordinator or the Multicultural Kickoff. The even that probably had the biggest influence on my entire U of M experience. The reception was really cool. We even got to take a picture with President Bruininks haha.
Another big honor is that me and fellow ambassador and best friend Jasmine will be the student speakers at our commencement ceremony on Sunday!
In addition to all that I will be working on all these finals. Got to finish up strong!

I will try and get you guys at least 2 more blogs by the time I walk across the stage!



What's going on everyone?!

The semester is over!! One more to go and I'm graduating! It has been a crazy semester with everything going on and an even crazier last few weeks with everything! I had final exams, projects and papers, along with my student groups, campus events, and on top of that I'm moving in with my brother!

Almost done!!!

What's going on everyone?!

It's been awhile since my last blog. Obviously a lot has happened between now and the last time you heard from me so I am going to take this opportunity to talk to you guys about some of things that went on this semester...

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