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"Design in Your Future:" Setting the Tone for the College of Design

A couple of quotes from the recent article "Design in Your Future" in UMNews written by Tom Fisher, dean of the College of Design:

"Daniel Pink argues in his best-selling book, A Whole New Mind: Moving From the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, that left-brain, analytical thinking will eventually be done with software or outsourced overseas, and that the greatest economic and social value will come from right-brain thinkers. The practical imagination of designers puts them near the top of Pink's list of those who will lead in the coming 'conceptual age.'"

"Though design is generally thought of as a way to make things look good and work better, more and more it is being recognized as a way to improve lives and make the world a healthier place. The College of Design educates students to be leaders in the field of social change via design and to be visionaries for a better future."

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I recently read an interview with Daniel Pink (You can read it Here http://www.managementconsultingnews.com/interviews/pink_interview.php) and found this quote “I worry about the folks who pursue careers because their parents, teachers, or spouses give them outdated advice and they’re dutifully marching into careers they don’t really care about because they think it’s the way to make money. Not only is that bad for their individual self-actualization but I think it’s a bad career move, too.? I grew up and joined the family business, which dealt with industrial automation, because it was easy and I thought I would make more money than my other interests. I recently changed careers and I am working for an online company that sells rugs doing web design and a few other far more design oriented tasks and I am having a blast (albeit for a lot less money). I have to admit that I never new a job could be fun. It is nice to finally have someone telling us creativity is the future of business.